#AfricaArise18 Day 1

2018-01-25 11.13.23.jpg

It is an irony of all ironies that Christianity is growing faster in Africa than any other continent. This because much of the abuses of the continent (slavery; colonialism) were carried out under Christian flag. Under normal circumstances, Africa should not want to have anything to do with Christianity, and yet the spiritual fervor and passion for the Christian faith in Africa is unmatched anywhere. Why?

The answer is simple. Africa did not learn about Jesus from the colonial masters. Africa learned about Jesus from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the difference between the institution of Christianity and the person of Jesus. The institution will bind you, but Jesus will set you free.

It is this Holy Spirit experience that is Africa's unique contribution to the body of Christ. This is what we are standing for, and believing God for- a move of God's Spirit that will re- ignite reformation in Africa and the world.