Reformation for the Family - Sahle


Reformation for the Family - Sahle
Jer. 18:1-6
“'O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter?' says the Lord." 

Whenever we see the word 'house' in such contexts in Scripture, it is not referring to the building, but to the family. Isaiah 51 tells us that the rock from which we were hewn was not granite, but Abraham our father, and Sarah our mother. This means that it is not the house that flows out of the nation, but the nation that flows out of the house. The economy, government, public works all flows from the house. It's entirely possible to have a house, and yet be homeless. Which house are we building? 

Character is shaped by what we value in our hearts. If it's not in the heart it won't get in the house. And what's going on in your house is not staying in your house. It's going somewhere...

Before his conversion, Saul set out to destroy the church. He did this by going from house to house. We will take back our nation the same way it was taken from us. House to house!