Redeeming our Systems

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Delivered by Bishop Oginde

2 Sam. 6:1-8

Uzzah was struck down and killed when bringing the ark back to Jerusalem. It made David angry initially, but after contemplation, 1Chr.15:11-13 records the lessons David learned.

First, David learned that God had a system of doing things. Second, he discovered that disregarding God’s system, even with good intentions, does not replace God’s ways. Thirdly, he learned that God’s system brings blessing.

Systems are the synergy of many parts working together. Changing one part affects how the other works. This applies to the human body, cars, organizations and governments alike.

In Africa, economies that were built on trust and exchange of goods in fair trade, were swapped for capitalism, which emphasized profit at all costs, democracy which brought wars, and individualism which brought relativism. Like the book of Judges, everyone now does as they please.

How do we redeem these systems? The Bible says that the earth is the Lord’s and everything within it, including Africa. If we are going to redeem our systems, we must bring them into the system of the Lord. It is the only system that works. Like in the garden of Eden, all systems function smoothly as long as Adam was in right relationship with God.

A quick study of history reveals that the rising and falling of nations is tied to how they handled the ark. Now that ark has come to Africa. What will we do? If we handle it right, we can conquer the world. Now is the time.