In his role as Executive Director for International Bible Society Africa, Dr. Betta Mengistu spent 25 years criss- crossing the continent in various capacities. This afforded him a unique perspective on the growing pains of an emerging continent. From personally presenting a Bible to Cyprien Ntaryamira, fifth president of the Republic of Burundi, hours before his plane was shot down upon approach at the Kigali airport- sparking what would become the Rwandan genocide, to bringing the South Africa office under the Africa office, making him the first and only black manager in apartheid South Africa, his journey has been an intriguing one. 

His experiences have opened his eyes to the leadership vacuum that exists across the continent, and its consequences. Ecc.5:8 describes very clearly how nations rise and fall on the nature of leadership. The Africa Arise movement seeks to address these challenges through it's strategic progams.

In addition to keeping a busy speaking schedule, Dr. Mengistu hosts the annual Leadership Seminar, held in conjunction with the annual Africa Arise conference. These seminars solicit some of the sharpest minds from across the continent to deliberate and strategize on the unique challenges the continent faces. In addition to this, Dr. Mengistu also is the visionary behind the annual Heads of State Prayer Breakfast, held on the eve of every Heads of State Summit In Addis Ababa. 

Below you will find leadership articles contributed by leaders across the continent who are also partakers of the Africa Arise vision.