Welcome to the exciting future of African business! It is our belief that the Africa Arise Ethical Charter will be a catalyst for injecting the all- important ingredient of trust back into the fabric of African business. Trust changes things. 

The Africa Arise Ethical Charter for business people and professionals, is a concept developed by the church for the purpose of winning the war against corruption. Launched at the 2015 Africa Arise conference, the charter is an accountability tool to monitor the heart. Not only does this keep business people and professionals accountable to a certain moral standard, but through the database (find below) we're building, it will also be a link for business people across the continent of like mind. 

The Ethical Charter is a pledge for business people, committing themselves to conduct their business affairs with a high level of personal integrity and excellence.  

We are currently building and adding to the database of business people who have signed the Ethical Charter - making up the Africa Arise Network. 

If you also seek a safe, corruption-free alternative to doing business in Africa, sign the Ethical Charter and join the movement!